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Relationship Manager

Junior: 1 to 3 years
26K - 36K (Per Year)
Posted on May 25 2024

About the Job


Communication skills
Negotiation skills
Sales skills
Commercial Property Sales
Real Estate
Residential Real Estate

RM Job Roles & Responsibilities:

1. Client Relationship Management:

Build and nurture strong relationships with clients, understanding their real estate needs and preferences.

Act as the main point of contact for clients throughout the real estate transaction process.

2. Client Consultation:

Conduct detailed consultations with clients to understand their goals, preferences, and financial considerations.

Provide expert advice on real estate market trends and investment opportunities.

3. Property Presentation:

Showcase available properties to clients, emphasizing key features and benefits.

Provide comprehensive information about the properties, including legal aspects and potential returns on investment.

4. Transaction Facilitation:

Facilitate the real estate transaction process, including property viewings, negotiations, and documentations.

Collaborate with legal teams to ensure smooth and legally compliant transactions.

5. Market Analysis:

Stay updated on local and regional real estate market trends.

Provide clients with insights into market conditions, property values, and investment potential.

6. Customer Satisfaction:

Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction by addressing client concerns and inquiries promptly.

Seek feedback from clients and use it to enhance service delivery.

7. Client Retention:

Develop and implement strategies to retain existing clients and encourage repeat business.

Provide ongoing support and assistance even after the completion of transactions.

8. Market Research:

- Conduct research on new and upcoming real estate projects, developments, and investment opportunities.

- Provide clients with valuable insights into potential investment areas.

9. CRM Utilization:

- Utilize Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to manage client interactions, maintain records, and track communication history.

- Ensure accurate and up-to-date client information in the CRM system.

10. Compliance and Legal Understanding:

- Stay informed about real estate laws, regulations, and legal requirements.

- Ensure that all real estate transactions comply with legal standards and regulations.

11. Negotiation Skills:

- Negotiate favorable terms and conditions for clients during real estate transactions.

12. Market Promotion:

- Develop and implement marketing strategies to promote available properties and generate interest from potential buyers or investors.

- Collaborate with marketing teams to create promotional materials.

13. Reporting and Analysis:

- Prepare regular reports on client interactions, transactions, and market trends.

- Analyze data to identify areas for improvement and strategic adjustments.

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